Class Eligibility


All dogs must be vaccinated to protect all dogs. ( Unfortunately homeopathic treatments cannot evidence the protective elements needed in this respect so we are unable to accept this as an alternative to vaccination at this time )

Your dog will need to be microchipped


have a tag with owners name,address & postcode thereon 

( need to buy a tag? click Dog Training and Health section link below

for advice and for a form to purchase a tag at club.) 

2. Dogs should be of sound temperament so as not to substantially disrupt classes or endanger people or dogs attending the club.  ( If you would like advice about potential issues of this nature please get in touch with the course secretary via the contact page with a few details and we will endeavour to assist.)

3. There are assessment criteria for each class level at the club, If you are an experienced handler or have trained your dog above beginner level please contact us for advice on entry level.



Progress Test 2009 with Gypsy and Dizzy

Puppy Foundation Course

( 6 week course, available 3 times a year)

£30 for  handlers booking more than  14 days before commencement of the course- booking is by payment of minimum £10 deposit or course fee if preferred.  The fee includes membership of the club


£40- if booked less than 14 days before commencement of course.

Places cannot be reserved except by payment of deposit or course fee, courses are often oversubscribed so please book early to avoid disappointment

This course is for puppies under 12 months old ( at the end of the course) The course is 6 weeks, incorporates the Kennel Club Puppy foundation assessment and introduces handlers and dogs to the elements of the KC Bronze Good Citizen award. ( maximum 8 puppies)  The course is often oversubscribed so please book early to avoid disappointment.  You can book online by clicking the booking form below and completing the form.  Please check with the course secretary Rosemary Turner for availability before making a booking.  You can contact Rosemary via the ‘contact us’ page.    

Before booking – your dog will need to be microchipped


have a tag with owners name/address/postcode thereon when you come to class.

You can purchase tags at club but if you are buying a tag before coming along please click link to see our guide      or  click link

If you have online banking you can pay by electronic transfer, contact Rosemary Turner for details.  If you do not have online banking facility or need advice or information before applying, contact the course secretary, Rosemary Turner for details.       ( click on “contact us” to contact Rosemary )

For details of dates of the next Foundation course click on “training schedule” ( To assist, the letter  ‘F’ in the second column of the training schedule denotes Foundation course)


An annual membership fee of £3.00 applies to all classes.  The membership fee is incorporated into the course fee for Foundation class members so no separate fee is payable for Foundation handlers.

Foundation class membership is a temporary membership for the duration of the Foundation and Bronze courses.  Acceptance into other club classes would depend on reaching KC GCDT Bronze level and space being available in the next class.  If space is or becomes available within the year no additional membership fee would be payable for the duration of the club year.

Click Here To Go To The Online Foundation Course Application Form

Bronze Course 6.45pm to 7.30pm 6 week course     

( available 3 times a year following puppy foundation course)

£3.00 per week This course follows on from the Foundation class and is intended for progressing puppies, beginner adult dogs and handlers wishing to participate in KC Bronze award scheme.  The number of handlers will be capped so please book if you wish to participate in this class. to see dates of next course go to training schedule page and look for “B ” in the 6.45pm time slot.

The course is 6 weeks and leads up to the KC Good Citizen Test at week 7 for those wishing to take the test.  The kennel club Good Citizen tests are aimed at pet dog handlers and incorporate all those exercises you would wish for a well behaved citizenly dog.

For more information on the KC Good Citizen Scheme and test levels see our Good Citizen page.

At the end of the Bronze class, handlers achieving a minimum of KC Bronze  good citizen level are eligible to move into the intermediate class

Intermediate Class 6pm to 6.45pm.

£3 per week.

This class is designed for dogs advancing from Bronze test and wishing to continue training between Good Citizen courses.  The class is also intended for part trained dogs over 11 months and handlers with basic obedience skills wishing to start learning Rally.   The class will include basic obedience training coupled with an introduction to Rally level 1 exercises.   A basic assessment is required for new dogs entering direct into this class.

A 4 week Clicker training beginner course is also scheduled into the intermediate class, this reward based training method compliments all types of dog training and is a useful tool for any handler

This class will accommodate silver good citizen test training on the 6 weeks up to each Kennel Club Good Citizen test.  ( look for S/R on the training schedule for KC Good citizen silver classes)

Handlers wishing to progress from beginners Rally are recommended to achieve at least silver level in the KC Good Citizen Scheme.


Advanced Class 7.30pm to 8.30pm

£3.00 per week

For advanced handlers who have achieved KC Gold Good Citizen test level wishing to develop Competitive skills for obedience competition.  The class incorporates training for the club three tier platinum test .

During the 6 weeks up to the Good Citizen Test this class will also include training for handlers preparing for Gold Good Citizen test.

Rally Competition  Class  8.30pm to 9.30pm

£3.00 per week

Rally is a fun obedience based competitive sport, there are competitions across the country,   To start at our club you need to be at KC Silver Good Citizen level or above , have participated in an introduction to level 1 Rally ( intermediate class) and been assessed ready to enter the Rally competition class.

This class is for handlers entering Rally competitions at all levels, the class will include courses and skill development exercises for competitors.

Click this link to watch a video of Rally level 1 exercises care of Fife animals Dog Training Club 2017. This video is now out of date but still gives an impression of Rally exercises..


For more information on Rally please go our competition page and click Rally in the header bookmarks.


To see the class timings please go to the  Training Schedule page.