Training Schedule

2019 New training schedule.  Hello members this is part 1 new training schedule, if printing- only print page 1 for now, part two coming shortly

Please note the new class times…

If you have not participated in a level 1 Rally competition yet your new class will be intermediate at 6pm, this class will be a mixture or Rally and basic obedience skills, The Rally elements will concentrate on learning the level 1 exercises coupled with the degree of accuracy needed to fulfill the exercises to competition standard.  This class is designed to give a better starting level for Rally Beginners and also developing basic obedience skills for progressing handlers for obedience, Rally and obedience skills for other dog disciplines.   Silver GCDT training will take place for 6 weeks in the intermediate class  parallel to the bronze course .

Intermediate class 2019 will start with 4 weeks beginner clicker training with Heather, Clicker reward training is most useful for teaching dogs exercises in all disciplines, this course is open to intermediate level dogs and any higher level dogs who would like a basic understanding of the clicker method.  For this course you will need lots of very tiny treats as you will give a lot of treats during the sessions, you can bring a clicker device but could also use a verbal click or word instead if you prefer.

Bronze classes will continue in 6 week cycles after each puppy course from 6.45pm, so keep an eye on the schedule  for these courses. numbers will be capped so if you are not in the preceding puppy course please message Rosemary turner to see if there is a place on Bronze course

Gold will mirror the Bronze/silver classes but in the Advanced class at 7.30pm.

Competition Rally classes for all dogs who have started  competing in Rally competitions will be at 8.30pm

click here for training schedule  2019 training schedule mk 2 pdf